Yönetim Esasları - I presentation (power point) Resource of Knowledge Management İ lyas Köse|02020611 Do our companies give importance to knowledge, • trademark, and technology enough? Can they manage the knowledge efficiently? • Are they have a special department for researches? • The Aim of this ResourceAre you a knowledge-intensive company? What is the importance of creating new ideas? 80% (YES) 20% (NO) 20% (VERY HIGH) 10% (LOW) 20% (HIGH) 50% (MIDDLE) Technology Culture of Instution Structure of Organization Teamwork Creating New Ideas Process of Work 0% 25% 50% 75% 100% Very High High Middle Low Companies know importance of knowledge but they can ’ t • apply information correctly They have to improve culture of institution • They can open a department about researching and • developing Consequently