Mineraller ve özellikleri Amber General Amber Information Chemical Formula: [C,H,O] Composition: Molecular Weight = 180.29 gm Hydrogen 11.18 % H Carbon 79.94 % C Oxygen 8.87 % O ______ 100.00 % Empirical Formula: C 12H 20O Environment: Fossilized tree resin. Synonym: Bernstein Resin Succinite Xyloretinite-C10H17O Amber Crystallography Crystal System: Amorphous- No Crystals Physical Properties of Amber Cleavage: None Color: Yellow, Brown, Colorless, Brownish red. Density: 1.05 - 1.15, Average = 1.1 Diaphaniety: Transparent Fracture: Conchoidal - Fractures developed in brittle materials characterized by smoothly curving surfaces, (e.g. quartz). Habits: Nodular - Tuberose forms having irregular protuberances over the surface., Pulverulent - Forms a loose, poorly-coherent powdery mass. Hardness: 2-2.5 - Gypsum-Finger Nail Luminescence: Fluorescent. Luster: Resinous Streak: white Optical Properties of Amber Optical Data: Isotropic, n=1.54.