Histoloji Dişi Genital Sistem - 2 Figure 12. Cross section of canine uterus. 6X. This higher magnification of the uterine wall shows the endometrium, myometrium, and perimetrium. The myometrium is composed of an inner circular (ic) and an outer longitudinal (ol) layer of smooth muscle between which is a layer of connective tissue containing blood vessels (stratum vasculare). The inset is seen at a higher magnification in the next figure. endometrium myometrium perimetrium ic ol stratum vasculare Uterus Zamora CDKöpek uterusu uterine glands Uterus Zamora CDFigure 20. Cross section of bovine uterus, 3X. The endometrium, myometrium, perimetrium can be identified in this section. Notice the large blood vessels in the vascular layer of the myometrium. The endometrium in the bovine (and other ruminant) uterus is characterized by the presence of non-glandular areas called uterine caruncles. Two of them are seen in this figure (inset) and they are seen at a higher magnification in the next figure. perimetrium myometrium endometrium caruncle caruncle Uterus Zamora CDCervix and Vagina Zamora CDFigure 34. Mucous membrane of equine cervix. The mucosal folds are lined by a simple columnar epithelium which is composed of ciliated and non-ciliated cells. Cervix Zamora CDFigure 35A-B. Cross section of bovine cervix. A-6X, B-20X. The inset in Figure A is magnified in Figure B. Much like the equine cervix, the bovine cervical mucosa is characterized by the presence of complex folds (primary, secondary, and tertiary folds). A B Cervix Zamora CD