Yönetim Esasları - II Preview Questions fatihbook.com man102 (Bülent Evirgen) - 1 - OPENBOOK REVDEW QUESTIONS 1) A medium sized company in cosmetic industry is expanding its activities to different geographical locations. Human Resource Department of the company is encouraging the existing employees for training programs in order to cope with the recognized structure. Discuss the potential barriers that may occur during the delegation process of organizing 2) Identify the contingencies and the corresponding degree of delegation Hugger Mugger is facing 3) Identify the facts why ACE Ltd. will need a decentralized structure. REVDEW QUESTIONS FOR MIDTERM - 1 1) Identify the advantages of structured questionnaire method briefly 2) Why is career planning considered as a widely recognized interior selection source? 3) What is the difference between job orientation and job rotation? 4) What is the benefit of recruitment from interior source in terms of motivation in organizations CHAPTER 1 1) Comment on the span of management for an automobile product line 2) Comment on the influence on extreme division of labor to the motivation in organizations 3) Identify the main advantage of functional structures 4) What factors determine the degree of span of management 5) Industry = Textile A rapidly growing company is expanding its activities to Izmir, Antalya, Ankara and Trabzon Headquarter, Dstanbul Product diversified: White Jean, Blue Jean, Jacket Jean, and Jean Coat Six different business functions need to be identified for org. Chart Draw an appropriated org. structure chart for the case fatihbook.com man102 (Bülent Evirgen) - 2 - REVDEW ANSWERS FOR MIDTERM - 1 1) • Used to provide information about the job (job analysis method) • Questions about the job designed • Employees rate their tasks o Job title o Job summary o Duties/Responsibility o Required Skills o Work Conditions • Direct response from the experiences of the subordinates (no interviews and observation) 2) • Career planning is the most systematic way to find employees from interior source • Employees become aware of the existing jobs in the organization to which they can be appointed in the future • Employees assign their own qualifications with possible job’s description 3) • Orientation: selection employees are informed about the overall company structure, culture and policies o Adaptation o Socialization Style • Job Rotation: managerial level training program on the job o Potential manager work in different departments to learn different jobs for specific periods