Faaliyetler İş Araştırma ve İktisat Quantitative Methods - 3 (Binary and Goal Programing) 1-) A group of college students is planning a camping trip during the upcoming break. The group must hike several miles through the woods to get campsite, and anything that is needed on this trip must be packed in a knapsack and carried to the campsite. One particular student, Tina Shawl, has identified eight items that she would like to take on the trip, but the combined weight is too great to take all of them. She has decide to rate the utality of each item on a scale of 1 to 100, a with 100 being the most beneficial. The item weigts in pound and their utality values are given below. ITEM 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Weight 8 1 7 6 3 12 5 14 Utality 80 20 50 55 50 75 30 70 Recognizing that the hike to the campsite is a long one, a limit of 35 pounds has been set a s the maximum total weight of the items to be carried. 1-Formulate this problem with binary model (0-1) 2-Suppose item number 3 is an extra battery pack, which may be used with several of the other items. Tina has decided that she will only take item numb er 5, a CD player, if she takes item numbeer 3, she may or may not take ite m number 5. Now model this probl em. 2-)The campaign manager for a politician who is running for reelection to a poltical office is planning the campaign . Four ways to adver tise have been selected: TV ads, radio ads, billboards, and newspaper ads. The cost of these are $900 for each Tv ad, $500 for each radio ad, $600 for a billboard for one month, and $180 for each newspaper ad. The audience reached by each type of advertisi ng has been estimated to be 40,000 for each TV ad, 32,000 for each radio ad, 34,000 for each billboard ad, and 17,000 for each newspaper ad. The total monthly advertising budget is $ 16,000. the following goals have bben established and ranked: 1- The number of people reached should be at least 1,500,000. 2- The total monthly advertising budget should not be exceeded. 3- Together, the number of ads on either TV or radio should be at least 6. 4- No more than 10 ads of any one type of advert ising should be used. Formulate this as a goal programming problem.